Doctors salary & pay scales for the UK

Empire Locum Recruitment is renowned as one the highest payers for locum doctors in the UK, with a wide range of fantastic jobs for locum doctors available today we are sure to have the right locum doctor job for you.

Here at Empire Locum Recruitment we believe that the happiness of our locum doctors is key to a successful business, we will always go the extra mile to find the best locum doctor job to suit your individual needs, and our guarantee is to improve the locum pay rate you are currently earning.

Please see below a breakdown of locum doctor salary’s by specialty.

Medicine Doctor salary & pay:
Medicine is one of the key shortage areas in the UK, and in the current locum climate they are the busiest, there are a variety of jobs for locum doctors in this specialty, the biggest short fall in this specialty comes in Acute, Elderly & General Medicine both at Senior House Officer and Specialist Registrar level

General Medicine salary from £41,600 – £145,600
Elderly Care medicine salary £41,650 – £145,580
Endo and Diabetes salary £40,000 – £138,620
Gastroenterology salary £40,260 – £142,312
Dermatology salary £56,000 – £156,000
Infectious Diseases salary £38,000 – £136,220
Acute Medicine salary £45,290 – £151,500
Cardiology salary £42,775 – £142,300
Radiology salary £58,975 – £161,000
Rehabilitation salary £37,225 – £139,000
Oncology salary £36,365 – £136,500

Surgical/ Acute Doctor salary & pay:
Within the Surgical / Acute specialty’s the major areas of shortage are Trauma & Orthopaedics at SHO level and A&E at both SHO & SpR level there are a number of jobs for locum doctors all around the UK with extremely high salaries available.

Trauma and Orthopaedics salary from £41,655 – £156,650
Ear, Nose and Throat salary from £28,000 – £124,000
Ear, Nose and Throat salary from £29,500 – £124,950
Accident and Emergency salary from £52,000 – £159,875
General Surgery salary from £25,000 – £122,450
Breast Surgery salary from £25,250 – £122,450
Urology salary from £29,650 – £126,500
Resident Medical Officer £56,000 – £131,040

Anaesthetic Doctor salary & pay:
Anaesthetics specialities are currently listed on the Tier 2 national shortage list. Anaesthetic departments in the UK suffer with a shortage of Senior House Officer & Specialist Registrar level locum doctors, salaries for these posts are still at the higher end of the scale with long term posts for specialist’s readily available.

General Anaesthetics salary from £39,250 – £151,840
Cardiac Anaesthetics salary from £41,275 – £152,650
Intensive Care salary from £42,950 – £155,565
Paediatric Anaesthetics salary from £42,950 – £155,565
Chronic Pain salary from £42,950 – £155,565

Women’s Health Doctor salary & pay:
Women’s Health suffer with a shortage of Doctors at SpR level with salaries reaching as high as £65 per hours.

Obstetrics salary from £29,500 – £124,950
Fertility salary from £29,500 – £124,950
Gynaecology salary from £29,500 – £124,950

Children’s Health Doctor salary & pay:
Paediatric and neonatal vacancies are very common around the UK as there is a mass shortage of locum doctors in these fields

General Paediatrics salary from £39,250 – £142,250
Neo Natal salary from £42,775 – £148,500

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